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  1. Immigrants are sort of "OK" We are all immigrants in a sense. US citizens are vastly immigrants from Europe, Africa and South America. Low quality immigrants who come from war zones and specifically Muslim immigrants are the real scary problem. They impost the biggest shift on the culture and the put the security at high risk. Muslim immigrants are so dangerous like you can't even imagine.
  2. You can join Georgia (Tbilisi) with Azerbaijan. They are 8 hours drive. Azerbaijan has a great cuisine, specially if you love red meat and BBQ. They also have the culture of drinking vodka with food. But some restaurants don't allow alcohol while some sell them and some don't mind if you bring your own. A small cash tip would take you long way in Baku and will facilitate things for you. The disadvantage of Azerbaijan is that it is a muslin country (and it is corrupt) . Although it was very Russianized and women can walk in skirts, go to the beaches with a bikini but the Wahhabism is on the rise. I hope it's just a trend that dies soon one day.
  3. Google search?? Google is good but it won't much help with that matter. There would be too much crap search results that might pop up first. Ask a good gym rat (avoid a bad rat as he would give you a rotten advice) If you're looking for "supplement" I'm so outdated because I'm no longer in the circle. I just train lightly like a grandma and go home. (Beware that grandma can still kick your young and beautiful ass very superbly in terms of strength and stamina despite her bad recent shape). The most potent weight loss stuff in the universe are: 1- Physics!! Yes. The laws of Thermodynamics. In short: precisely made caloric deficits. Eat good food, smaller portions gradually, and do little more walking. (***Heavy lifting is great to burn calorie BUT..I said BUT..be careful because, it is so easy to go and Over-Eat after a heavy lift session) "To control your mouth you have to first control how much you lift" A lesson that cost me nearly 12 years to figure out, although my coach was screaming it to my ears all the time, I was young and decided to ignore him. But I finally ignored my ego and adhered to his advice in the year 2009. It worked. 2- Eat plenty of low G.I carbs and more fiber. It helps. Also, have a shot of espresso once a day at least (three times max max!!), too much coffee can increase your bad cholesterol. Add more Green Tea. Green Tea is good. Japanese Macha Tea is far more concentrated but you may not fancy the taste or won't be able to properly prepare it. Just drink high quality loose leaves Green Tea like Twinings or whatever brand you like. 3- Speaking of supplements, perhaps I'm not so updated but whatever worked on humans 15 or so years a go should still work on humans today. I can't see we humans had so much of an evolution in the last 15 years 😛 The best supplement which is used by competitive bodybuilders during competition preparation is ANIMAL CUTS by Universal Nutrition. It's a very classic supplement brand, well respected and loved by athletes. We Bodybuilders swear by their products.
  4. With so much advice and trash over the internet you would need an expert just to tell whom to listen too and who to ignore. Elliot is as fit and as strong as F#K and I assure you that he is an authority to refer to when it comes to diet and training. Now that doesn't mean that we throw the iron in the trash, it simply means that it should be included in training specially for athletes who require functional strength. Elliot trains with weights himself otherwise he wouldn't have been that and big. I've included two videos of his channel. Check his channel for other videos on training and other stuff
  5. I would want to be the RICH FAGGOT. Why should I lie? !!!! Rich faggot who is smart. Yes that sounds like a deal. Who cares for the looks?!! and what do you mean by "ugly" as long as one has a (God forbid) deformed or some non-healthy face then literally no one is ugly.
  6. My ex-marriage. When I choose to divorce my ex-wife because she sucks in bed I wasn't smart enough to hire a lawyer and thus I had lost my villa to her. This is the worst EVER. Also. not investing on assets earlier in life. I could have bough dozens of apartments (at least) should I've started 20 years ago when I started working. All I was focused on is how to build the biggest muscles and how calories I could shove and how much I could train to become as big and as strong as a bull.
  7. I share the same concerns. What terrifies me is we've been reading or watching an exaugurated version of this current world in novels and in movies and in Japanese cartoons, the post-apocalyptic world where personal freedom is scarce. I could relate a lot of what happened during the "Covid Plandemic " with the Hunger Games movie. Controlled public gatherings, control and monitor and mass manipulation were the major theme of the pandemic. Some Covid measures were logical and OK but more of them were plainly dump and useless. We "the public people" make the world what it is. So let's only blame our selves if something goes wrong.
  8. I see. If it works for him, that's fine well and nice 🙂 Me at 41 only at this not so good shape and after all the wear and tear from the weights I used to hoist and over the years, unless I'm fully pumped up (which again rarely happens these days) I feel pain when I go past the knees , so I refrain from it. There are so many complexities and personal differences Steve, I can't explain it here. It's just too much to type. Training is science, art and philosophy. (for example people who have virgin bodies and never done serious sports training before, while they are at disadvantage, they still have some other advantages too and thus their training methods should very much differ form say a guy in his 40's or 50's who was an ex-athlete in his younger years). There are other psychological differences too between athletes and normal people in relation to aging and training . Let me explain: Two guys, Jack and Stephen, 1- Jack was an Olympic hammer thrower, he trained since he was an early teen and by the age of 26 he was a F#n BEAST. He ages to 48, he's still doing good to his age but compared to his yester years he's pathetic. Deep down it hits him hard to have transformed from Superman to just a normal man. 2- Stephen has always been an office guy. He just keeps active, plays some corporate football matches and hits the gym once in a while. By the age of 44, for whatsoever reason he decides to train seriously for the first time in his life. He joins the gym and this time with a qualified personal trainer and he trains 5 days a week. He also does Yoga classes after the gym twice a week. He feels stronger and better than he ever felt in his life before. He thinks he's became Superman (although he's no where near Jack in his prime days, but now he's actually more fit and in a better shape than Jack is today). Does that explain what I'm trying to convey in here? There are exceptions to this example indeed but this is what generally happens in real life.
  9. From my 20+ years in the gyms and studying training, I can assure you this guy knows what he's talking about. Knees past the toes is only not so good for older individual or people who are prone to knee injuries or excessively heavy or obese people or inexperienced trainers who lack good communication with their body and might hurt themselves. That's why your instructor cuts it short and tells you not to do it. There is a classic exercise called Sissy Squat and it's all about excessively passing your knees further than the toes. I used to do it often, but now at my age and weight and shape I honestly do not do it.
  10. NOTE: Before you waste time reading. STOP Right Now! ! GO do some quick research on the cutting edge of A.I today, or at least whatever Mr. Google and Ms. YouTube would allow you to find. Then come back and read this thread. "The robot eventually turns against his owner and chokes him" As a boy who was born in 1979. My mom (who was probably born in the mid 40's) used to tell me that. I don't know what kind of classic Sci-Fi movie or novel she had read and where this perception came from. As I kid, I thought it was funny and that aged Mama of mine is just not fond of the cool bots because she was old fashioned. Back in the days robots were at their infancy. Today they are in their early teen, and in no time they will mature. Do some YouTube on Elon Musk talking about the A.I.. He said "A.I. can be more dangerous than Weapons of Mass Destruction". The vast majority of public are unaware of what exists out there. I might be hated for that but I personally do support the A.I. takeover. I want the A.I to do everything. All jobs. Why? Not because I watch too many Sci-Fi movies, because, I no longer do. I used to watch this genre till I was a teenager only. No more. The reason is I'm sorry to say but I've honestly lost faith in humanity. Not because of my bitching mood swing and lowered Testosterone levels due to getting older and building some little belle fat (I'm working on fixing that so No worries) It is because people have lost something. They have lost some vision, they have lost the human touch. They've lost their logic and sanity. When they work, they follow the machine strictly and cant go out of their way, so why not let the machine take control? Back in the days, let's say until the early 2000's we could have more tailor made services. Tailored solutions, things that would make life much easier. Today it's becoming increasingly less and less available option. In short I just support A.I. and I truly hope that I'm wrong.
  11. Steve!! My man, all the very best. when are you moving? Yeah returning home sounds great. A motor vehicle is good to have. My very humble opinion is if you could get your hands on a fairly priced apartment I would recommend that you go for it if it's a good investment. There are plenty of ways to use it to generate another supplementary income (depending on the buy price, location and the re-Sale 'ability for example) With your charisma you can make a great tour-guide. All the best mate
  12. Walking is indeed a very powerful tool to keep healthy and fit. It's tried and trusted with long proven history of being effective. Where I live, you can't just walk the streets. There is no place for you to walk. It's hostile, fast cars passing, big trucks with trails of dust and all kind of shit. You need a protective Space Suit like to walk in here. Oh...Let me not mention the Heat. The raging sun radiation would F@kin cook you alive. You don't get tan, you just get burned, grey and ashy dark color. When I travel, I eat like a pig and drink almost all day everyday (I love to grab couple of beers before going to the pub) Sometimes, occasionally I go for strong spirits. The magical thing is I always loose weight when I travel. The secret is I just walk more.
  13. With all due respect to all opinions in here, let me add my view on the text above: 1- Israel like anyone is not an angel. No angels here, no one is sin-free. It has it's own good and bad. It has it's own conflicts within its self, just like other countries, that's normal, that's life. However, I assure you that Israel's goodness is far greater than it's wrong doings and it's justice is far greater than its corruption. I do assure you of that. Just see how advanced and civilized Israel is. Because otherwise, the rules of the universe wouldn't allow it to happen. 2- Saddam is in the history garbage, where he belongs. He ruled by brute ugly force. 3- (I don't know about Gaddafi, so I won't talk about him) Sorry 4- Islamic expansion will ALWAYS lead to WAR, terrorism, damage to the society and ultimately corruption. Despite the false promises. It's a system that has been always failing since it's existence. Just read the Islamic history, or just check the world map and it won't be hard to see that the worst countries to live happen to be Islamic (Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Yemen..) to mention some. ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT = GOING BACKWARDS+ CORRUPTION. Even most GCC countries today (where supposingly Islam sprang off) do not rule by pure Islamic laws. Instead they use some hybrid system of Modern Civil and Islamic laws. 5- Palestine is NOT the better of two evils. In fact it is the biggest evil in the middle east. Palestinians use the media, religion and the excuse of being under occupation to deceive the world and to justify to themselves any terroristic action. They refuse to live in peace. We have seen that recently. That's just a humble opinion which could be totally correct or totally mistaken or anywhere in between...No hard feelings. Shalom with LOVE
  14. I've been there in 2018. The food is fantastic and the red wines are out of this world. Georgians drink red wine like water. Most traditional houses have wine cellar at the basement in huge barrels. There are plenty of massage parlors that would also give you sensual massage and a happy ending. Georgian women do like penis. But honestly I've never tried to flirt and game in Tbilisi because I'm not very interested, I'm married (and that's because I played the game earlier). Guess who's the man to thank for this? (hint: His name is Steve).
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