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  1. Love the attitude. & I must admit, you’re resolve gives me a nice competitive edge. I certainly push myself harder knowing you’re elsewhere doing the same. Where there’s a will, there’s a way: one mustn’t let a fussy, colicky calf muscle get in the way… meanwhile I just finished two hours of training at the park; whilst the world toasts this Saturday night and imbibes the night away, I celebrate a different occasion: how I will crush you in the end: not because of circumstance, but because I am the superior man 😂🤣 BANE TAKES ALL
  2. Is this true? The argument I’ve heard which seems most likely is that the metabolic cost of building muscle is great; therefore, your body prefers to burn more convenient sources, e.g. fat. why would your body break something down first which was a chore to build in the first place?
  3. Ha I had to do something similar. Waist just dipped below 32”. Bought my first pair of 30” waist pants; next stop will be the little boys department; smaller waist has the advantage of giving the appearance of larger muscles…a bit of tricks and mirrors.
  4. Regarding size, I’m of the belief that as you age you want to maintain as much muscle at the lightest possible weight. There is a nexus where those two variables dovetail beautifully. Your joints and overall health will likely thank you. Bigger is not always better. as for magnum pi, I agree that he’s an icon to emulate. I even carried an inspired mustache round on my face for years, unfortunately mostly at my own expense. Also never forget the boat shoes.
  5. Sorry to hear! I know it might sound a bit of voodoo but I find taking large--and I mean large--doses of vitamin C really does work: specifically lypo-spheric vitamin C. It's a C encapsulated in lipids for a near 100% absorption. From what I understand, 1 gram of lypo-spheric is equivalent to about 7-10 grams of ascorbic C taken orally. Similar to an IV. Injuries improve miraculously; niggling pains disappear; I've gone long stints in the sun (7-10 hours) with no sunblock & never once burned--for me that's quite unusual. Here's the amazon link....almost 7,000 reviews with a 4.5 rating (impressive for a supplement)...some of the stories are encouraging. https://www.amazon.com/Lypo-Spheric-Vitamin-Bioavailability-Professionally-Phospholipids/dp/B000CD9XGC Keep us posted and be well.
  6. LOL. The things people put up with is beyond me
  7. Brief update: Not fucking around this week; starting to develop good cuts, everything is beginning to dial in well. also noticing more IOIs or I’m now more observant as my confidence increases; either way, a bonus.
  8. As someone who's also entertained some bleak moments, I've found solace in my own prayer: at night, whilst alone in bed, I'll speak aloud to whomever is listening. Speak as though someone with the keenest and most observant ear has your counsel. And acknowledge there's something (or dare I say someone) much larger than yourself, whose gears of design include you and well beyond. From what I gather: the world is largely a mirror; if you see nothing in it, you'll feel nothing inside; but choose to see meaning around you, and, sure enough, as Alexander Pope penned long ago: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL PS Want to pretzel your mind? Listen to this wonderful guided meditation by Rupert Spira;
  9. I like to "sprint" whilst pumping hand weights (perhaps you'll only manage half the speed of an unburdened gait); this way I get the stress of a sprint, but instead spread the brunt of it across four limbs--or four cardiopulmonary drivers--rather than two. Your heart and lungs don't know the difference.
  10. Epictetus: People are not disturbed by things but by the view they take of them. The human condition never changes, only wears different outfits.
  11. Poor quality but I think under different light the changes are more noticeable. Left is a month ago; right is today. Back is popping, I must say! Hey, that rhymes/
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