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  1. @Jojo @Jason Harimau Good call on the ombré leather; his best fragrance by far. I smelled it two years ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it: quite masculine like the pour homme he made for Gucci about a decade ago. Also anything by Carthusia
  2. I too have plateaued for the last couple of weeks. Last night I resolved myself to push forward and reach new levels…I’ve split up with my cherry garcia ice cream; a hard divorce
  3. I suppose you could also add thumbtacks to the soles of your sneakers 🤣🤣
  4. Small observation—whenever I wear my dress shoes with leather soles, they make a somewhat obstreperous clickety-clack sound whether on pavement or the tiles of a store. I’ve noticed this fanfare gently grabs people’s attention; captures otherwise missed IOIs.
  5. Having worked slowly through Primal Seduction, I must say this approach is fundamentally different; unlike other systems, Steve’s method amounts to a different topic altogether: interestingly, the word “topic” comes from the Greek word topos, which means “a place.” This method, rather than your typical PUA fare, takes you to a different place entirely. Whilst most PUA systems are about learning skills, Steve’s approach is more akin to an awakening. You will literally wake up to a new way of seeing women; you will literally wake up to a new way of seeing yourself. And once you do, you will have arrived in a new place altogether. This is about fundamental change. Socrates said good philosophy is like midwifery; it induces the birth of a new person…this approach also performs a similar charitable service. Hopefully my characterization isn’t out of line.
  6. Wowow! Looking great! I'm sure you feel a world of difference; those English country girls will be taken aback, if not ready to sow some wild oats.
  7. I’m now hitting about a 15.5” bicep, cold. That’s a half-inch increase from when I started; meanwhile, I’ve reduced my waist by several inches: I now range between 31-32”. My weight is between 158-160 pounds. Overall I’ve lost about 3-5 pounds. This makes me think I’ve put on muscle whilst losing fat; I'm happy so far with my progress.
  8. 1) spiritual/philosophical/aesthetic education: food for the soul 2) peak health & athleticism; not just the absence of affliction/pathology, but the near-limits of peak physical condition: food for the body & mind 3) relationships, as a sort of stress test for the aforementioned two; good friends and family help ground you & should curtail delusional thinking; as well as provide happy and mirthful entertainment: more of a check against aberrant soul and mind (they’ll tell you when you’re fat and out of shape; they’ll tell you when your reasoning is wrong) wealth, I think, naturally follows if these three are balanced.
  9. Congratulations on your government exercising proper decision-making, at least for now and in this instance; nyc, however, has effectively mandated a vaccine.
  10. The classic “I’m about to leave; don’t try and stop me” farewell; an oldie but a goodie
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