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  1. I'm literally in hell right now. My face just feels hot and sore, I basically have a severe head cold effectively. Everytime I salt water rinse my nose I have tonnes of yellow mucus come out (some with blood in it). My mate who used to live in the US has agreed to use her American credit card to try and purchase corynebacterium for me. I've set up a forward shipping suite in her name, so that we can ship to a US address. I need to prepare some instructions for her on using a VPN so that the purchasing website visit also comes from within the US. I am too ill to do this right now (typing this lying on my bed). The thought of doing it just exhausts me. I'll try to get it done later today. I need some hope as I'm ready to lay down and die really.
  2. I'm going to set myself daily challenges, even though I'll fail most days due to crushing illness. Today's challenges: 1 ~ try to buy Corynebacterium accolens bacteria from PHE england by using my mates business address. 2 ~ Contact my old friend who used to live in the US and ask him if he still has a US credit card which I could use to try and purchase Corynebacterium from the supplier there who turned me down as they only ship to the US (and who also apparently rejected the personal shopper service that I tried to use from MyUS.com). 3 ~ Make Tween 80 eye drops. I read that Tween 80 may promote Corynebacterium accolens growth and tired to make a saline nasal rinse with it in previously, but this just seemed to irritate my nose/sinus linings and make things worse. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33156566/ However, I also tried using antihistamine nasal sprays in the past which lead to horrible dry mouth. But when I used anti histamine eye drops (some anti histamine goes through the lacrimal glands into the nose/sinuses) I didn't get this problem. So maybe if I make Tween 80 eye drops, this will promote Corynebacterium accolens growth without causing irritation. This probably won't work, but is still worth a shot.
  3. Thanks Vince, this isn't a business, just my attempt to cure my ongoing sinus infections (chronic rhino sinusitis). Could it turn into a business making nasal sprays? Probably not. Although 5-10% of the population suffer from some form of CRS, most of it is in a non severe form that can be managed with steroid nasal sprays. I am unlucky in that I am in the "non responsive to steroids" category.
  4. My name is Rob. The value I get off this forum is that I can reflect on my projects in a more fun way. Even if not a lot of people look at my blogs on here, you still get some feedback and a sense of camaraderie. Writing things down (examined thought) is important in cutting down your worries, examining why you are failing, or just getting the contours of a problem more clearly outlined in your head. But doing this on a piece of paper and sticking it in your desk draw never to been seen again is boing. Writing about your attempt to do something, and the inevitable setbacks is always slightly amusing. Doing so on this forum helps me keep moving forward on a tough project.
  5. My order via MyUS has been canceled and didn't go through. I guess I'll have to go with plan B and use my mates office to try and order from a UK supplier.
  6. A photodiary and some tales of the places you visit would be good. Got to be more interesting than my probiotic diary.
  7. Okay managed to buy the slightly different species of Corynebacterium from the US Company that refused to ship it outside the US. Luckily there are a bunch of US mail forwarding companies that allow you to purchase items in the US (usually at cheaper prices) and then ship them to their US warehouse then on to your international address for a fee. I tried to use this US address but with my UK bank card, but the supplier would not allow the use of an overseas bank card. But I discovered that these mail forwarding businesses offer a "personal shopper" service to get around this. You enter the URL of the item you want to buy, pay them, then they will use their local card to pay the US business. Fingers crossed, but it looks like my order will now go through.
  8. I tired to Buy a slgihtly different species of Corynebacterium off a US company, but as my debit/credit card as a UK address they have informed me that they cannot export the bacterium. Fuck. I can get a US address by using mail forwarding companies. I can get a US mobile/landline phone using Skypeout. Can I get a bankcard with a US address somehow. Some people have suggested Revolut, but I can't figure out how to get that working with a US address so far. Oh well, if this was easy everyone with chronic sinusitis would have done it by now.
  9. Tried to buy Corynebacterium accolens from PHE (Public Health England) but they rejected my application due to it having a residential address and they "don't provide microbial products to individual members of the public". Stupid officious bureaucrats. I will try again with my mates business address.
  10. Another weekend is rapidly evaporating. I've had horrible rot in my maxillary (cheek sinuses) and frontal (forehead) sinuses since Friday evening. However I can make a probiotic nasal spray, and I'm sure it will work if I spray 1 x 10^9 (a trillion) CFUs (colony forming units/bacteria) up my nose twice a day for half a month. I don't want to move I am in so much pain. But the longer I wait around, the longer I will be in pain. And the pain of doing this will only be temporary. I can do this, it will work, I've just got to take the pain for a while. There are millions of dumpy lazy fucktard guys out there with no girlfriend or a fat annoying cow of a girl who would probably look down on me and my situation. But in reality I can escape and do better than those idiots and realize my potential. The only person that can rescue me is me. Aggressive self rescue is the only option.
  11. Okay, day three on Metformin and it appears to be doing fuck all so far. I'll keep taking it for a month as I have a month's supply for £20, in fact I might take it for 3 months just to be sure. But I need to crack on with culturing, harvesting, counting, then making a Corynebacterium accolens nasal spray. Today I learned that bacteria can be shipped in little vials of agar called "stabs":
  12. I've continued the Youtube video course slowly, mainly due to crushing ill health. I've ordered a beginner kit from The Odin 6 days ago, but it still hasn't shipped annoyingly. It seems I am as far away as always from making a probiotic nasal spray. While trying to make the nasal spray I'm also going to try Metformin (an old diabetes drug) as I went down an internet rabbit hole and found this research about Metformin and Staphylococcus aureus, and the supply of glucose to Staph in the airway fluid: Metformin attenuates the effect of Staphylococcus aureus on airway tight junctions by increasing PKCζ‐mediated phosphorylation of occludin (2019) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6307806/ “Epithelial barrier function is critical for host defence. It is important for maintaining the composition and innate immune function of the ASL (Airway Surface Liquid) and preventing access of pathogens to the internal mileu. TJs (Tight Junctions) are key to barrier function of the epithelium and comprise a number of proteins which control the permeability of the epithelium to ions and solutes such as glucose.29, 30, 31 It has been shown that occludin spans the membrane four times with two extracellular loops and that ZO‐1 interacts with the C‐terminal domain which is essential for TJ assembly.4 Pathogenic microorganisms such as S. aureus have coat constituents such as lipoteichoic acid and express proteins on their surfaces such as Protein A which interact with epithelial cell surface receptors. They also release factors such as the pore forming α‐toxin which initiate host defence mechanisms but are toxic. These factors cause changes to epithelial cell function and can lead to apoptosis and necrosis if bacterial load increases.32 In our study, we found that the presence of S. aureus caused a reduction in ZO‐1, E‐cadherin and occludin. These findings are consistent with previous studies investigating the effects of S. aureus α‐toxin on human intestinal epithelial cells33 and protein A on airway epithelial cells.34 In contrast, metformin increased ZO‐1 and occludin and attenuated the reduction caused by S. aureus. These findings are similar to those from secretory airway Calu‐3 cells infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa 14 suggesting that this is a common pathway in airway epithelial cells, affected by both gram +ve and −ve pathogens.” Will Metformin do anything? Probably not. But at only 20 quid for a months supply it is worth a try. How long will it take to work? I don't know. I'll have to do some more research and see if there were any in animal studies conducted on Metformin and airway infection.
  13. There is definitely an over reaction, as pointed out by the excellent Matt Ridley: https://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/repeating-post-war-mistakes/ "Three years after the second world war ended, the government was still micromanaging the decisions of consumers. Incredibly, it was nine years of peace before rationing ceased altogether. Bread was rationed for the first time in 1946, potatoes in 1947. Only then did the slow liberalisation of shopping begin. Flour was derationed in 1948, clothes in 1949, petrol, soap, dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies and mincemeat in 1950, tea in 1952, sweets in 1953, cheese and meat in 1954. The black market thrived. The reluctant withdrawal of the state from rationing (and the even longer persistence of price controls, wage controls, exchange controls and central planning generally) infuriated at least some of the British people, though much of the anger was, as now, directed at cheating rather than the rules. The Ealing comedies of the time are suffused with dreams of liberation and rebellion against the tyrannical inspectors that plagued people’s lives. In Passport to Pimlico (1949), a self-governing micro-state abolishes rationing and a pub crowd tear up their ration books in the face of a furious policeman. ‘We risk allowing officials to cling on to their beloved levers of control for too long’ Conventional wisdom has it that Britain’s slow return to normality was inevitable, given the country’s need to earn foreign exchange to pay for imports. But across the North Sea a very different experiment was tried. Ludwig Erhard was the effective finance minister of West Germany under allied military control. A keen follower of Friedrich Hayek, he believed that central planning was a disaster (‘the more the state plans, the more difficult planning becomes for the individual’) and that rationing was the cause, not the effect, of shortages. Erhard announced, a month after Wilson’s complicated speech, that he was abolishing almost all rationing and price and wage controls with immediate effect. He introduced a new currency the same day. He told Germans: ‘Now your only ration coupon is the mark.’ Erhard chose a Sunday, 20 June, to make his announcement, knowing his military masters would be off duty. The British, Americans and French were aghast. One US colonel complained that he had no right to alter a system of price controls imposed by the allies. ‘I have not relaxed rationing; I have abolished it!’ came the reply. General Lucius Clay, the US commander, telephoned him to say: ‘Herr Erhard, my advisers tell me you’re making a terrible mistake.’ Erhard: ‘My advisers tell me the same thing.’.."
  14. Well you do get a higher antibody titer from the successful mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, unlike the less successful CureVac one) than from infection with SARS-CoV-2: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01661-0 "At 12 micrograms, the vaccine proved more tolerable, and all recipients developed antibodies that blocked the virus from entering cells3. But the levels of those ‘neutralizing’ antibodies were relatively low — on a par with the amounts found in people who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infections, but well below the levels seen in recipients of the Moderna and Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines, which are both given at higher doses." But if you are under 50 then SARS-CoV-2 will probably just affect you like a seasonal flu, so as long as you are not doing anything strenuous like running a marathon, then you probably won't even notice the heart and lung inflammation. It's only under 50s that are doing Iron-man contests (or taking loads of coke) that have heart attacks after the flu, so 99% or under 50s don't have to worry.
  15. https://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/maybe-were-all-conspiracy-theorists/ "There was a time, when I was younger, when I was confident that I knew how to tell a barmy belief from a rational deduction. I have lost some of that confidence. This has been caused partly by the frequent experience of having friends who share my view on one issue but then suddenly reveal a view on another issue that is anathema to me. I don't believe in ghosts, says a friend, but there is definitely something to homeopathy; or God does not run evolution, but the government should run the economy. Like me, Mr. Shermer is an economic conservative and a social liberal, so he encounters this dissonance a lot. Mr. Shermer offers a handy guide for those who are confused. Conspiracy theories are usually bunk when they are too complex, require too many people to be involved, ratchet up from small events to grand effects, assign portentous meanings to innocuous events, express strong suspicion of either governments or companies, attribute too much power to individuals or generate no further evidence as time goes by. Sure. But those are the easy cases. What about the harder ones? Take climate change. Here is Mr. Shermer's final diagnostic of a wrong conspiracy theory: "The conspiracy theorist defends the conspiracy theory tenaciously to the point of refusing to consider alternative explanations for the events in question, rejecting all disconfirming evidence for his theory and blatantly seeking only confirmatory evidence to support what he has already determined to be the truth." This describes many of those who strive to blame most climate change on man-made carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, they reply that it also describes those who strive to blame most climate change on the sun. That's how belief systems work: On both sides, there is huge belief, buttressed by confirmation bias, and equally huge belief that the belief and the conspiracy are all on the other side. Rick Perry, Al Gore-each thinks the other is a mad conspiracy theorist who will not let the facts get in the way of prejudices. Maybe both are right."
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