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  1. It reminds me of a certain speech I hear regularly these days... 🤔
  2. A new setback for supporters of mandatory vaccination against covid-19 in the general population, along with the 11 vaccines imposed on children born from 2018. The Senate did not adopt the bill "establishing mandatory vaccination against SARS-CoV-2". The text, tabled by members of the Socialist group at the end of August, was rejected this October 13 in public session, by 262 votes to 64. This parliamentary initiative will therefore not go any further. https://www.publicsenat.fr/article/parlementaire/covid-19-le-senat-rejette-la-proposition-de-loi-sur-l-obligation-vaccinale There is still hope. Now the government wants to extend the health pass until July 2022. As the epidemic does not seem to be picking up, this measure might also be rejected. Let's see what happens in the coming months. In Estonia the cases are now checked in the cafes of the certificates by the police. https://news.postimees.ee/7340723/police-raid-cafes-to-check-covid-certificate-compliance I already didn't want to go to cafes to protest against the pass, now it makes me feel even less like it.
  3. Something about this scent makes it truly addictive and memorable. I love the Carthusia bottles! They are very stylish! I'll check out the shops if they have this brand! Thanks for the recommendation! https://www.carthusia.it/fragranze.html?___store=en
  4. It's interesting that you mention fake fragrances on ebay because I ordered the first Ombré Leather on ebay and it was a fake. This is the second time I've come across a counterfeit, and I've been able to get my money back each time. I'm thinking of writing a topic on this subject. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check out this seller. 👍
  5. I'll make you a painting in the same style as the fragrances with pleasure! You can contact me by private message to give me the details :)
  6. I have just finished Julien Rochedy's book, Love and War - Answering the Feminists. With this book the author decided to put a stop to the feminist ideology by attacking the 4 main pillars of this discourse. He hopes to arm people (men and women) to counter and live with this ideology that unfortunately could still be present in the coming decade. The part that intrigued me was the chapter on society in which Rochedy makes a connection between feminist discourse and communist thought. This is a point of view that I had never considered and it was relevant enough to make me want to go back to the study of history in order to consolidate this argument. For the anecdote, Julien Rochedy has sent his book to feminists in France and asked them to debate with him, but none of them has answered so far. Unfortunately the book is only in French. I put here the translated table comparing the two thoughts. Marxism Ideological feminism Equality is the goal Idem Equality is happiness Idem History is the history of class struggle and oppression of workers History is the history of the struggle of the sexes and the oppression of women There is no human nature, it is constantly changing according to the culture, infrastructure and superstructure of societies. Existentialism. There is no biological nature to sex other than physical, but genders. Creation of culture and society. Sociologism. The infrastructure, production relationship based on domination, determines the superstructure (society, state, religion etc.). The oppression of women in the home, the infrastructure, determines the patriarchal power of the whole society (superstructure). Capitalism as a phenomenon and as a system is the enemy, it influences all aspects of society. Patriarchy as a phenomenon and as a system is the enemy, it is behind all aspects of society. The primitive society was egalitarian, the concept of archaism in Marx that should not be feared. The primitive society was matriarchal, egalitarian, peaceful, it would be a question of returning to it. Marxism, consequence of the invention of property. Male domination is also a consequence of the invention of property. The past should be wiped out because it is the heir and repository of domination. Idem Workers who do not want to liberate themselves, to be communists, are alienated by the capitalist machine. Women who do not want to emancipate themselves, and therefore be feminists, have integrated the codes of domination. History is conceived as a one-way progression towards liberation. The mention of the date as an argument in itself "it's 20XX, we can't hear such a thing etc". Consequently, the opponents are conservatives or reactionaries, they do not want to advance history or they want to make it go backwards. Idem The bourgeoisie has an interest in perpetuating its domination. It is necessary to fight to wrest the freedom of the working class. Men have an interest in perpetuating their domination, it is necessary to fight to obtain rights to equality. Domination is the essence of the bourgeoisie. Abolishing domination is equivalent to abolishing the bourgeoisie and vice versa. Domination is the essence of masculinity. Abolishing domination is equivalent to abolishing masculinity and vice versa. Anti-communists are class enemies, enemies of the workers. Anti-feminists are enemies of women. One can perpetuate capitalist domination as a bourgeois without being conscious of it, one must know how to be self-critical. One can perpetuate patriarchal domination as a man without being aware of it, one must know how to deconstruct it. All workers are and must be in solidarity as an oppressed class. All women are and must be in solidarity as the oppressed sex. The state must exercise a form of coercion at first to establish equality. The law on parity, the modified national education programs, etc. Once society is revolutionized and complete equality established, true freedom. Once society is revolutionized and complete equality established, generic individual paradise and true freedom. Feel free to share your thoughts on this comparison.
  7. Fragrance : Ombré Leather Brand : Tom Ford Designer : Sonia Constant Price :136$-190$ Leather Fragrance, warm and spicy Notes (According to fragrantica) Top notes: cardamom Middle notes: leather, jasmin sambac Base notes: amber, moss, patchouli My new favorite fragrance for winter. At first, I didn't like it because I'm used to more fruity and sweet scents. But now I am completely conquered. With use I find it very masculine, wild and elegant. My girld friend loves it too over the others Tom Ford. Notes of Patchouli and spices that reveal themselves as the perfume dries are very pleasant. On my skin, the fragrance lasts easily 5-6h. It is a unisex fragrance. This perfume also has an economic advantage, even if it is over 100USD it is the most affordable Tom Ford. Last thing, a perfume version of Ombré Leather was released a little while ago. I didn't manage to test it but it seems that it is lighter and fruity. https://www.tomford.com/ombre-leather/T5Y-OMBRE.html?dwvar_T5Y-OMBRE_color=OC#q=ombre&start=1
  8. I have found supplements to cleanse the body after a vaccine. I haven't tried it, I don't know if it's effective but in case of forced vaccination it might be useful. "A possible solution is to drain each vaccination with some homeopathic granules used systematically before and after. Thuja 9CH, 5 granules in the morning and Silicea 9CH, 5 granules in the evening, should be taken the five days before and the five days after each vaccination. For vaccines containing aluminum, a preparation can be added for two weeks before the vaccine. We will take alumina 4CH (homeopathic medicine prepared from diluted and dynamized aluminum) 5 granules in the morning and Bauxite 4CH (the aluminum ore), 5 granules in the evening, during the two weeks preceding." https://www.passeportsante.net/fr/Actualites/Nouvelles/Fiche.aspx?doc=vaccins-comment-drainer-homeopathie
  9. President Macron is preparing a law to create a ministry to fight "fake news". Obviously many people are making the connection with a "ministry of truth." At the head of this group is a sociologist accused of spreading fake news... It's hard not to think that Macron wants to introduce remote voting for the presidential elections of April 2022. https://rumble.com/vn6s5l-macron-sets-up-a-commission-against-fake-news-as-election-looms.html For the health pass that should be lifted on November 15, the socialist party proposes a law to extend the health pass until July 2022. https://www.journaldunet.com/patrimoine/guide-des-finances-personnelles/1502791-pass-sanitaire-le-prix-des-tests-devoile/ "No relief until November 15. This was announced by the government spokesman at the exit of the health defense council and the council of ministers, which were held this Thursday morning. "We have requested an opinion from the scientific council that calls for some caution, because we are entering the winter period," justified Gabriel Attal, who said that on November 15, "decisions of national order or by sector" could be considered. He went on to explain that the situation in some departments had not stabilized, saying that the situation was not extremely worrying either, and therefore concluded that "the time to lift all constraints [had] not yet come". "In addition, PCR and antigenic tests to obtain a health pass will no longer be reimbursed as of October 15, and the prices have been revealed. Antigen tests will cost 22 euros in the laboratory and 25 euros in pharmacies (30 euros on Sundays). PCR tests will cost 44 euros, and self-testing in front of a health professional will no longer be free. However, the tests will remain free for : Minors as well as people who have just reached the age of majority and are still in high school People who have been vaccinated, for whatever reason People who are symptomatic with a prescription that is less than 48 hours old Persons who are contacts of sick people, who have been contacted by the Health Insurance People who need to present a health pass to be operated on People with a contraindication to the vaccine People who have performed an antigenic test and wish to have it confirmed by a PCR test within the next two days. At the same time, the government will present a bill to the Council of Ministers on October 13 to extend the health measures, including the health pass, until the summer of 2022. The text will be debated in the National Assembly on October 19 and 20 and should be promulgated before November 15, the current date of the end of the transitional state of emergency. A preliminary draft of the law has already been sent to the Council of State." In response, in addition to the organized demonstrations, Florian Philippot calls for the blocking of France by truck drivers on the main roads and the boycotting of places that require the health pass. In New Caledonia, the vaccination rate of the population is decreasing in spite of the deadline of the obligation on October 31. The population is 30% vaccinated. Demonstrations continue to be organized and the law of compulsory vaccination will be judged again. https://yhoo.it/3BuXSqx
  10. A few days after I posted this topic, I got some perfume recommendations. I wasn't interested in leather fragrances but now I'm totally addicted to Tom Ford Ombre Leather. So naturally I bought a bottle. A great scent! Thanks you @Jason Harimau !
  11. I spent €3000 on an online design course which I did not attend. Just because I was unsure of myself as an art teacher and thought I needed to upgrade my techniques...
  12. In NC the law is expected to be implemented in early November. The fine for the non-vaccinated would be 175000xpf (1450€/1717USD) And they have only the Pfizer there.
  13. I live in Estonia now so only my family and friends who live there are concerned. The NC government wants 100% vaccination. They are starting to announce new cases of covid in the country even though the borders are not yet open. Maybe to push people to get vaccinated. The French in Europe are against it, I'm watching for lawyers to give legal workarounds that could help people avoid the forced vaccine and see if they can be applied in NC.
  14. My country is in reconfinement since today after having 3 cases of Covid discovered. Last week the government announced that vaccination would be mandatory from the beginning of November. https://asiapacificreport.nz/2021/09/07/new-caledonia-begins-two-week-lockdown-in-new-covid-19-outbreak/ The country has been closed to flights and boats since the beginning of the year. By making vaccination compulsory, the government hopes to be able to reopen the borders and get the economy moving again without the epidemic resuming. In my opinion, this will not be the case, there will be a boom of infected people even before the opening of the borders. The French are outraged and some see it as a laboratory to test the effects of the obligation before applying it in France. Moreover, a law is being prepared by the senators to make vaccination compulsory in France too.
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