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  1. I've got married with an ugly golddigger.. Bit that 😄
  2. Hi Thomas, Good to have you here. As long as you have air to breath, food, shelter from cold, two hands and feet, there is no grater problem that canot be dealt! Imagine that you are at the end of your goal and start to act like you are there! People always say what they wish from others... don't worry. We are here to help
  3. Guys? Do we have statistics how many new members we have on the forum untill now? And to all new guys... Good to have you here... let's bring some good mindsets back to the men all over the world! Don't be afraid to post or ask us anything but... remember that alpha beta delta omega gamma and sigma are just models.. and we all have it all.. Here you can learn and understand how to develop the best character traits..
  4. @Mr. Frenzy how is going what you have planned? I'm asking serously cuz As i remeber planned dayily routin periods was really hard to stay on a course.. Now I heve to back to one of that kind routine...
  5. Hi ArunChan, nice to see you are enjoing the forum.. 66 means you're just one 6 close to the devil 🙂
  6. I do aknowlege that money/status/fame is an big plus for game... but if you're full mode gamma... well 😉
  7. Yeah... super funny.. and also that sitting in front of YT 23h.. making that videos will get him tons of girls..
  8. In witch metal band do you play ? I would throw a bra..
  9. Yep! I'm on my way whenever needed! 🙂 Wlecome to the forum @Raf...
  10. Well it all wen this funny way: I bought Primal Seduction.. -> checked bibliography -> found there Eckhart Tolle -> forget about him till I meet one girll and she was fascinated -> Got in to meditation, skiping truought the techniques -> Found Brastrika Pranayana -> Covid came and I discovered WimHoff (much simplier) method -> now I'm turning back what I've got from you innitially 🙂 So you should thank yourself!
  11. @Steve Jabba you mentioned your breathing issues.. ever tried some breathing techniques? Simple WimHof for a start.. I know its overhyped but it works. Or square breath which is super effective on instant stress relief 5s breath in 5s pause 5s breath out 5s pause.. Do it 10x It also works for pre aprouch... I whish that my belly fat was so able to go away as fast yours... Anyways nice job here!
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