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  1. I want to talk about two things here, let me know what you guys think: 1. Self-development is the fastest way to meet women organically INTRO We all love to look for shortcuts in life. I know that success is not about how much work you do but how effective your work is. Many people don't reach their goals because they think it's too much "work" to achieve them. What if I say they're wrong. I know for a fact, and I'm talking from experience, that you can do minimal work and still reach your goals. The catch is that the work has to be high quality to mean something. BODY Let us say we are socially awkward and lazy. We also want to learn and master the secret techniques to attract and seduce women, but we all know that's a long way to go. 10- 20 years of consistency to actually master a skill and become a specialist? Fuck off. To some extent, you can't master pick up without having your life in order and doing what the physiotherapist call "the inner work." Meaning, finding yourself, which consists of understanding your personality and creating healthy esteem through self-development. Sure, this can be your passion, and you dedicate every hour of the day to talk to women, and I'm 100% sure you'll get quick results, but most of us have lives and dedicate our hours doing something else, like scratching out balls watching Attack on Titans, or work. The fastest way to attract the people we want in our lives is to focus on ourselves first, and the rest will come quickly, like talking to a random girl at the bus stop. It could be hard when you have low self-esteem and don't even like yourself.... how do you expect her to like you if you haven't done the inner work? What do you think? Do you think self-development plays a huge role in acquiring the skills to attract women naturally without forcing? 2. Day Game Lines and Approaches Everybody has strengths and weaknesses... I'm aware that I'm very good at creating a comfortable and sexual premise with any girl as long as I'm already comfortable with her. But on the other hand, I suck at the most critical part, the approach. My major issue is not being comfortable at the beginning of the interaction when I first meet a girl. I need to work on this; I also want to post my experiences, the lines I use, and the women's reactions and dialogue. I'm sure this can help a few people. We can learn from our interactions by implementing the positives infield and pre-empting to avoid the negatives. Let me know what you think. -Your Friendly Neighbor Big D
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