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  1. Well put together, informative video. Thanks Steve. Are there any occasions where you do the front stop or do you think the side stop is always preferable?
  2. Congratulations on your first sale! And leaving the "wake up at 5AM and crush it bro" cult 😉
  3. 12/10/21 I went to a business networking event last night just for fun, nothing to do with the company I work for. It was at a bar in Holborn and there were just over 40 people there but it was mostly men. I just wanted to enjoy a night out and wasn't expecting to meet tons of HB 9.8's. It's been a while since I went to a proper networking event; the danger is to get stuck with someone for too long as some people just go on and on like that Greta idiot. I'd say there were only a handful of decent looking women there, some were pretty old or just not very attractive. I missed my opportunity to chat to a couple of the decent ones but it's no big deal. There was a Polish couple there impressed with the pronunciation of my Polski and my various travels around their native land. She offered to "find me a Polish Wife" and added me on Facebook to check out I wasn't a creep/psycho/complete loser. I probably failed the test because I didn't hear a word from her today but in all seriousness I think I gave her the impression that I'm not the kind of a man who will settle down with a girl and that was the issue. From a game perspective; not much to say about the evening other than you're better off doing daygame than these networking events in terms of quantity and quality of women. One of the other downsides of night game is you'll be tempted to drink alcohol, lose out on sleep and this can mess with your vibe the following day. Like most dudes, alcohol is a gateway drug to fapping etc. and I think most men should try to keep that quite minimal if they really want to maximise their sexual intent.
  4. I'm no expert on fragrances but I always save a good percentage on RRP by purchasing off ebay. Just check the seller has a lot of positive feedback to ensure you aren't buying fakes and buy a larger size.
  5. Thanks for the share. 3 hours 22 mins is a long-time commitment. Any chance you could please just list the supps recommended? I'm not interested in getting on TRT until mid 40's at the earliest and know it's very expensive.
  6. I'm noticing benefits flowing through to other areas of my life now that I'm back approaching again. I'm much less tempted to waste time surfing the internet or watching YouTube videos purely for entertainment. Placing a higher premium on my time and thinking more about creating opportunities instead of endless consumption and sensory stimulation. The real challenge of pickup is that it's a performance art and you have to put the work in like any discipline, with the dropout rate unbelievably high, particularly in Winter. You also need to find ways to unwind when at home or it can pretty unhealthy. I've been there a bit myself years ago and a friend of mine once drank the RSD kool aid believing he had to be on the streets at least 6 nights a week to get anywhere. Even if I get into a committed relationship I hope I'll keep pushing myself to be more sociable in general. I need to make that effort or I really regress. Last night I was in the gym and the best sauna hack is to start up a conversation. The talking distracts you from any discomfort. We talked a lot about Eastern European women and I got introduced to an Irish guy who looked around my age who had met a girl in Kyiv as his Dad lives out there, she eventually came over here and married him. So the dream of importing a feminine, attractive woman is not entirely a myth but taking a fish out of water, with EE girls infamous for their emotional volatility is definitely "high risk". I'll continue to focus on finding a true Londoner but when the vaxx madness hopefully dissipates I would quite like to hit Ukraine again. I'm becoming increasingly confident to speak up in team meetings at work, whereas these situations often had me feeling socially anxious or not knowing my place. It's a direct result of the time spend pounding the pavements.
  7. I appreciate the advice. I've been a fan of More Plates More Dates for years and the way he does watchalongs and is totally open about his use of anabolics. But I think his rate of hair shed even without his biohacks isn't bad and dude is a big younger than me, if I'm not mistaken. His mate Leo and Longevity also has a great channel. I've got a derminator but haven't used it in months mostly out of laziness and apathy. Is the one you got? https://derminator.com/ Which length needles and how long do you typically use it for? Do you try and get as bloody as MPMD or do you bust yourself open the hard way? (wrestling joke 😅) I think my rate of hair loss has slowed a little bit as I saw a picture of me exactly a year ago and the hairline is not too dissimilar. I've been totally off dairy for most of this year and feel that with the growth factors and it can be somewhat inflammatory (even raw grass fed) has perhaps helped a tiny bit.
  8. I agree. So many patterns are unconscious and with Covid, almost everyone has become more of a "routine" person with less wider social integration. I feel that's why some of us enjoy cold approach or just networking as you can be whoever you want to be for those few minutes. It's selling an image.
  9. Worth a try and post anonymously; https://consultations.dhsc.gov.uk/61497f68de8e5f098521be3a
  10. Dustin; thanks for the share. Glad you're enjoying some abundance. Amazing how when you change the way you carry yourself, the whole world responds differently.
  11. Saturday 9th October Today was a very special session as I had the opportunity to meet Steve Jabba to do some filming. We met around 1PM and went from there. The main focus of the day (no pun intended) was on capturing Steve in action so I only did about 3 approaches. Bizarrely one of them resulted in me getting the phone number of an international pop star who has over 400m views on one of her YouTube videos. She was hot with long blonde hair and dressed creatively but stylishly and I can see from her Wikipedia page she’s 21. To protect her anonymity, I won’t be sharing any further details. She was on a high street sorting out her shopping bags and I rolled up “I can see you’re on a shopping spree but I thought you’d look cute”. Nothing too elaborate. To be frank, it was a “talking about the weather” interaction. All comfort and no real spikes/attraction. When she told me she was a famous international popstar, I made the right move and didn’t get big anime eyes or look at all impressed and just said “oh your songs must be very cheesy then?” She said they were but she enjoyed it. It was very vanilla but I found out where she lived and said we should go for a drink sometime. She put her digits in my phone and drop called herself – it was not a throw away number. I asked her how her name was spelt and stupidly shot her the initial text without figuring out who she was via Google and I spelt her name wrong. No response. It could well be a blessing in disguise as perhaps she mostly dates dudes who have a mill in the bank and drive Lambos but the bottom line is I closed an international popstar and it’s good to celebrate small victories. I reconvened with Mr Jabba across the road and he told me I should have brought more sexual tension to the conversation and that’s why some girls will flake. Being around Steve and spending hours chatting with him was very helpful and key points I took away; Steve told me to ditch my coat and the shirt I was wearing. In his words; the coat made me look like a trainspotter and the shirt like I had just come from the office. I’m going to buy a much cooler jacket, likely a leather jacket and might just keep the coat for local trips as it is warm and practical. I’ll also think about my shirts. He thinks every man needs to create an avatar of himself, a personal image that women find sexually desirable. Play to your strengths. Steve is in very good shape so the smart T-shirt showcases his physique. I know some guys online who will claim “all you need is game” and while it is indeed very important, I got the impression from Steve that personal image is also extremely powerful and is one of the main things that will make or break the first 20 seconds of any interaction. Steve also likes going off the beaten path and showed me some real hidden gem locations that haven’t been spammed by uncalibrated gamers. I’m not going to mention our favourite spot but I’d encourage you to think outside of the box and seek out places with good logistics and girls you’d like to meet, both areas and shops. This might sound extremely obvious but so many men mindlessly worship Oxford Street as if all other locations are not halal. He thinks many daygamers aim too high in terms of the quality of girls they approach and that pickup is easier in Poland and a man’s SMV might well go up a few points just by flying over. That’s absolutely true in my experience. SMV is not only about yourself but your competition and a Polish girl who’s a very good friend of mine said most Polish men are “waiting for a miracle” and too shy to approach a girl unless they’re tanked up on Zubrowka. I’m losing my hair and he said I should perhaps consider shaving my head. I have spent endless hours investigating natural remedies for male pattern baldness and my conclusion is that the only way to stop the process is to take hormone altering drugs, with finasteride being the most popular. It can some with many unwanted side effects including erectile dysfunction, anxiety and depression although there are some men that tolerate it well. If you want to know more then Google “post-finasteride syndrome”. Minoxidil is also popular and can be effective but also has many potential side effects such as heart arrhythmia and you need to stay on it for life. You might be able to slow down the hair shedding a little bit through control of cortisol, shining a powerful red light of the right frequency directly at your scalp and use of ketoconazole / caffeine shampoos such as Regenepure. But ultimately this is like barricading your door while a chainsaw-wielding maniac is after you. Eventually your efforts will be overpowered. So what’s a Norwooding fella to do? I’m not yet at a stage where my hairline has socially distanced 2 metres from my eyebrows but when it gets worse my plan is to get a hair system AKA a customised toupee. This week I spoke with the London Hair Clinic about a bespoke, custom-made hairpiece that you glue on and prices range from £1,050 to £1,499 with them lasting for 10 to 18 months. You need to take it off every 3 to 4 weeks to give it a clean and wash your scalp. I’ve also heard about scalp micropigmentation (SMP) but apparently it doesn’t last very long and isn’t effective long-term. I also think the main downside of going bald is your forehead looking far too prominent and SMP doesn’t address this at all. Seeing Steve in action, being able to ask questions and get advice from him was very useful. Hopefully we’ll soon have some more infields for you keyboard jockeys to analyse. Take action my thirsty brothers and find your own Princess Zelda!
  12. Friday 8th October I’ve been working from home since March of last year so can be very flexible with my hours but we officially finish at 4 on a Friday, in any case. I quickly got changed into my “sexy man gets birds” outfit and jumped on the bus to Brixton. Today I was wearing brown leather boots from Dune, blue Diesel jeans, brown belt to match the boots, grey French Connection t-shirt underneath my black Hugo Boss shirt (it was cold), Hollister black coat and Garmin Fenix 6S Watch (black). I possibly looked a little bit too black but tucking the shirt definitely looked better than untucked, showing off my belt and jeans. Locations I started out approaching at Oxford Circus walking through Carnaby Street, made my way through Soho to Piccadilly Circus, a couple of approaches in Whole Foods there, up to Covent Garden, wandered into Charing Cross Station as it was getting a lot darker before walking back down Oxford Street to get the Tube down to Brixton and home. I wandered inside shops such as Boots, Superdrug and even McDonalds but I think Whole Foods was the only place I approached. Perhaps it’s all in my head but I think Saturday and Sunday daytime is likely an easier time to approach than Friday night. Many Londoners are so busy wanting to go out or finishing a few errands before their night-out begins, that to get a girl to stop and give you a few minutes, is likely a bit tougher. On a more positive note; there was no shortage of good-looking women, the footfall was decent and very little Covid awkwardness. Approach Review My baseline stress levels were higher than last Saturday and I think this impacted my ability to loosen up, be playful etc. If I could change one thing right now about my interactions, it would be for me to be less serious and more playful. I wanted to keep myself entertained and not just spam Oxford Street like an uncalibrated retard so I purposely wandered into a few stores that I thought might have different kinds of girls than typically walk the notorious promenade. I’ll do a post in the near future talking about my ideal woman and the wonderful ladies I’ve met who have inspired this archetype but I will say I have a soft spot for girls who are slightly shy, introverted, thoughtful, brunette, girl-next door types. I’m not sure why I struggled so much to project my voice as well today. With my Wing (HACT) last Saturday I felt like more of a social butterfly and this is something I need to better understand. There were a few girls willing to engage in conversation with me but I still end up struggling to lead beyond the initial opener. I think I have a pre-meditated belief that it will likely be a blowout and therefore I only need to fill 10 seconds of communication. I think more “time under tension” as they say in the weight room will help me to flow more but perhaps, I need to work on some core subconscious beliefs too. If I got what I thought was a fairly negative reaction from a girl sometimes I’d almost write their own excuse for me “do you have a boyfriend?”. Although interestingly enough the second approach I did in a Soho side street had a British Oriental Girl confirm she was indeed waiting for her Boyfriend but that he wasn’t around yet. Clear hypergamy signals. I sensed this but as soon as I hear she already got a dude dicking her down I make my excuses. Maybe I’m too much of a White Knight but I don’t want girls who are anything but loyal to their partner even if she is dating an absolute chode. On the way home my penultimate approach was a hot brunette who I assumed was Russian, she took of her earphones and we spoke and turned out to my amazement she was English. You have to enter the interaction with the Zen mind, the empty mind, being nothing, ready for everything. Summary Plenty of positives here for a second proper session “back in the game” including good work-rate, highly varied approaches e.g. store girls, inside the Tube Station (Metro/Subway to foreigners), on the Tube. Good use of the environment, to a girl at Whole Foods, “I’m wondering if you could help me find something here as sweet as you?”. Calibrating my tone and approach to the environment, soft and discreet approach to Waterstones shop assistant who was very sweet and clearly touched but had a Boyfriend. As usual, the girls most uncomfortable with being approached were the native English girls. Girls from Mediterranean countries and former Soviet Union were totally cool with my intentions and largely at ease. As James Tusk said in one of his videos, the Oriental girls in this country are the least open race to being approached, they simply walk off without saying a word. It’s bizarre but I will likely avoid them going forward like the Fauci jab. I’ll definitely do more book stores and other places where you can be quieter and more chilled. Need to improve vocal projection, playfulness, relax the body and mind more and keep the flow of the interaction going. I’ve been doing some called the Feldenkrais Method that has been a Godsend to improve physical and mental flexibility for me and cultivate relaxation. I can write more about that later. Scores on the Doors Approaches: 15. Phone Numbers: 0. During this session after every single approach, I pinged myself on WhatsApp so that I could keep a log. The above was all in the space of 2.5 hours from 17:45 to 20:15. So very busy times in the right in the heart of London. While it’s not a bad “work rate”, in hindsight there were a few girls approached purely out of lust while my intuition said we were totally incompatible. However, it’s better to approach too much than make excuses and approach too little. Thanks for reading any feedback/questions are very welcome!
  13. Hey Mullet Thanks for the share. Cracked me up that during this deep conflict, you were talking about getting buzzed and playing Mario Party. Mario Party 2 was probably the best in the series. Sounds like you found out who your friends are. When men ditch their boys over a woman, that's so lame but unfortunately not uncommon. I also know a few guys who I maybe get to see once every other a year. No joke. And during that time their Wife gives them a permission slip for 2 hours of socialising. I swear to God I won't ever let a woman control my time like that. The key with all this is that we're becoming the men we want to be and if we lose friends because of this, then let the chips fall where they may. Here in the UK we seem more moderate than the Cali madness you speak of. Of course, the pure bloods VS the experimental sheep has created some division but I've not heard about it stopping women and men getting together. On the dating apps here most give you the opportunity to state if you've had the Fauci ouchy but you can also hide this field. Not that I'm on any of those time drains at the moment. Your local ratio of men to women sounds awful. In the 2011 census in London, we had 51% women to 49% men. I have no idea how it would look in 2021 but of course we have plenty more immigrants. Have you considered moving to Texas or some other Red state that never betrayed Trump?
  14. Welcome aboard. Thanks for serving in the army and I think a few of us are actively trying to improve our social life here.
  15. I think it's extremely unlikely Tom got married. It's against his character and ethos and not sure how many girls would want to get married to live in his small van haha. As HACT said, he's now a ski instructor and I heard through a mate he had legal troubles relating to either a girl he approached or one of his students, hence why most of his infield content is now behind a paywall. The most recent interview you can find of him you can see he wants his presence online to fade away;
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