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  1. You forgot the obvious though..
  2. Just LOL at this thread. It's amazing what you turn up when you pore through your Google Search Console reports, as I do on a regular basis (I have sneaky ways of getting more and more traffic..This is one of em!) So this thread started to rank for "pig woman experiment" and "fake pig woman"..So I promptly changed the thread title, and stuck a few more instances of "pig woman" into the thread..Now it's P2, and I predict will be P1 before too long..That title is genius even if I say so myself..(When a post gets a higher ctr than other posts in G, it tends to get bumped up the rankings). Just thought you might find it funny...
  3. That was always my biggest failing. Trying to make up for it now. Thanks for your insights man. I'd love to get everyone posting on this thread.
  4. Welcome man. Fantastic introduction - I think you can see people really like it. Glad to have you here.
  5. Hey. Just to let you know, I just started a thread on this very subject. Chime in if you want!
  6. I don't like working for other people. I tried it for a few years; working on an IT Helpdesk, then graduating swiftly into contract work, mostly involving Service Managament (ITIL), including : Optimising helpdesk efficiency Incident Mangament Problem Mangagement I also led the rollout of various IT support software solutions, such as Service Now and Remedy. Now, the contract work was much better because I had more autonomy and didn't need to sit around listening to inane banter all day long, and try to get on with people I wouldn't normally associate with. Plus I detested moving around the arse end of the UK, often ending up in some godforsaken hellhole like Fratton in Portsmouth. (Fratton is famous for the % of men (and women) with missing front teeth))...From getting smashed and brawling on a Friday / Saturday night. I am not joking. Most uncooth. Here are the problems I have with working for an employer: Your life is in someone else's hands The commute Trying to banter and get on with people I have no interest in. High taxes in UK Long hours Having a boss Now that remote work is becoming more of a thing, I am considering getting back into it IFF (if and only if) I am fully remote. I'm not really in any position to bargain, except I kind of know how to make money outside the system..And there are promising signs that I'll be scaling up on new projects again soon. Nevertheless, with the right contract, the money is tempting, I must admit..And I do need to think about my pension. Getting older. So there's my thoughts. What about yours? Do you like working for others, or do you want to get out? If you do, why? Why do you dislike it? What appeals to you about working outside of the system and being your own boss?
  7. Pretty much same as everywhere else then - at least for the moment. Cheers!
  8. Yo Kevin. Welcome. I know the post you're referring to - Sigma Male Game Explained..That post sat right at P1 for nearly a year for "Sigma Male", so hopefully it will refind its rightful place at the top and we can get more people like you on the forum. Have a look around, get involved - that's how you'll get the best out of the forum.
  9. I'm not taking it. Here are my reasons: I've had Covid already and presume I have natural defences against it. The virus is nothing to worry about in any case. There are numerous readily available, cheap prophylactics. Vit C megadose, Zinc and Quercetin. Possibly Ivermectin. The vaccine cannot possibly have been tested as thoroughly as some of the well known vacines from years ago. The vaccine is tied to well known population control advocates. The companies that produce the vaccine have no liability. I do not trust Governments, and much less so since this whole Corona bullshit started up. They are pushing like crazy to get us all vaccinated. I will therefore deliberately ignore their advice and do the exact opposite because I loathe anyone trying to tell me what to do. The "vaccine" is not a vaccine and does not prevent you getting Covid anyway, which as I have already established is nothing to worry about. So what, precisely, is the point of taking it? There have been numerous well publicised instances of problems arising from taking the vaccine. I wonder what will happen to the vaccinated in the winter, when the normal flu season starts again... At the present moment, the vaccine does not allow you to travel more easily anyway. Again - why bother? That is sufficient to get us started. Surely some of you must have some thoughts on this? It is one of the most pressing issues of our time I believe.
  10. Go on Youtube and look at some of the Sigma Male videos now..It's all ra ra ra feel good introverted male mindwank. Why are they doing this, do you think? (My regret is some of them wash up here and immediately get offended when they realise you have to actually WORK AT IT and do something..). Super hot women don't just jump onto your dick because you decide to give yourself the label "Sigma Male". Is it just another iteration of "one weird trick", that appeals to the majority of people who are lazy and don't want to have to think for themeslves? A depressing state of affairs. I guess that's why so many people lined up like sheep to take the not vax.
  11. So, per Jojos question : is anyone going out and approching women? Using rountines, or using anything..Or even saying hello to women at all? Or giving eye contact? 😃 Here's a video some have found useful before:
  12. Getting a bit off topic here. I was hoping some of you would discuss how you find solo game. Good, bad? Problems? Any thoughts at all?
  13. After @maurice_bendrix terrifying update to his progress thread, I have decided to up the ante. What made me decide? The executioner pic. I may have some competition! I am the owner of this forum and I will not be assailed! Think of the battle between me and Maurice as the old knackered Batman VS Prime Bane. I'm the old Batman : a fearsome warrior in his youth but now old and decrepit..But maybe with a surprise up my sleeve...😉 Maurice is the Bane figure : in his prime..Supremely confident of victory..But could his over-confidence be his ultimate undoing? We will see. Here is my plan: 1: Scale up the walking to 10 miles per day. Bane (Maurice) informs me he does 6 miles per day..Therefore I must do 10. 2: Cut out any food / drink that is remotely tasty This includes my little coffee saches with tasty sugar additives, and my sauce for chicken + rice. From now on it's rice, chicken, occasional veg, oats and milk all the way. With my 10 mile walks and low cal consumption, can I regain my former glory and ferocity and beat off the challenge from Bane? You be the judge.
  14. Ha! Competitive are we? I'm actually not getting anywhere near 10 miles a day at the moment, though I used to. It does burn about 1000 cals. I don't understand why more people don't do it. The cardio machines at the gym are just painful. When you look from the outside, it just looks ridiculous : a bunch of human sized hamsters on a spinning wheel that goes nowhere, when they have freedom to walk outside in glorious nature. Almost as ridiculous as the ritualistic servile humiliation of wearing a mask outdoors..Or worse..In a car or on a bike! I once had some moron in Poland who rode past me on a bike and yelled something about my lack of facemask : a swift raised middle finger was the retort (along with some choice cussing).
  15. Right, I'm gonna do something probably most of you won't expect. I don't see a "brutal roasting". I actually only managed to watch 2:30 until that nob in the glasses started mouthing off, then I had to turn off. In contrast I thought LMS was measured and classy. Not that I agree with him on a lot. I don't rate anyone on that panel. I think most of them are grifters, and I especially don't rate Rollo Tomassi, who I believe is King Of The Gammas. No way on Gods Green Earth that pleb is getting hot women. None. And I know how to judge. Massive respect to Face and LMS to go against all of them at once. In conclusion, I think you've picked a really bad clip to make your point, since Face And LMS came across better than anyone of them, and certainly not weak.
  16. Get ready lads...Seduction / Pick Up Bootcamps will be making a comeback, brought to you by the Sigma Male Community! They will be eminently affordable, useful, a real experience...And FUN. I think we all need some positivity and fun after all the garbage of the last 18 months. Let's make this summer one to remember. Announcement coming soon.....
  17. Thanks for the kind words Dustin and welcome to the forum. Get chatting on here and you'll soon be into the swing of it. Some new announcements coming up soon that all of you on the forum will appreciate...Keep your eyes peeled!
  18. Very little, unless you have a HUGE audience. The money is in stuff like I do - own products, live events, etc. If you are serious about wanting to make vids, PM me. I have 2 channels that I am barely using and with the right kind of vids, potentially 1000s of views. You could have the same deal as Mr Frenzy did and make money at the same time as making videos.
  19. You're overthinking it and being a spanner. Just get over there and bonk some Polkas. They're mad for it. As long as you don't act like a plonker.
  20. My mate just sent me an airbnb place in Tallinn center. It's £1000 PCM if you book monthly..But 2 of you could share. Obviously you need to share with the right person, but this can actually be fun if you get it right. Here are the pics..£500 PCM each in an Airbnb. Much cheaper if you rent locally. Just a bit of food for thought...
  21. Hello and welcome. Sounds like you have some charming on the date to do my friend.. 1: The worst thing you can do is let it get to you. As you know, hotties will always have others sniffing around. 2: Not a thing you can do anyway. All you can "do" is be cool, be charming and make her want you.
  22. Instead of thinking of excuses, why do you want to go there? Expand on your actual reasons and you'll do fine. It's not the reality of why you're going that matters..It's how you feel about it and whether you're ashamed / conditioned to think your reasons may or may not be shameful. You're a young lad who wants to travel. No need to be thinking about stuff like this.
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