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  1. Hey, I've prepared a mini approach course for those guys who actually go out and approach women.. Not the keyboard jockeys Not the "gurus" who waffle for hours on end with no proof of their bona fides (and I'm not just talking about infield proof) Not the boasters who use smoke and mirrors and fake proof (yeah, I've seen it all before!.. It's very obvious when you know what to look for!) I'm talking about the guys that ACTUALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING! This mini course is for you.. It's on my site. I cannot make it as a video - it would be far too long and it needs to be organised as a web page - there is no other way. Here is the course : Enjoy
  2. Well lads I'm firmly ensconced in my hometown. I am busy working on my next product - it will be an infield product, and it will be centered on THE APPROACH. Hence all the recent infields. There will be a lot more. Then I'll do the analysis, in minute detail, so that you active gamers will NEVER AGAIN need to resort to spam approaching like a retarded monkey. Meanwhile, I went out for a walk up the Wrekin today and took some snaps. My home area really is rather beautiful.
  3. If you see a topic on this forum with an embeded video which is no longer available, please don't post to ask why it's no longer available. If I've privated or deleted a video, it's because I don't want it circulating. If I don't want it circulating, that means you too. 😀 So let the topic die off..No need to resurrect it by asking about it. 😉 Cheers lads.
  4. I don't do a big gay arcing loop and prancing stop ever. It simply looks effeminate. The point is if you need all of those theatrics, you don't have masculine presence.
  5. Watch The Premiere with me. Set a reminder so you can watch it when it comes on.. This is a good one lads!
  6. Brand new offering for training over the winter! If you want all the details and to arrange training, please do it via my site using the link here: Book Training Now!
  7. Dude stop spamming gobshite just to get a free book. C'mon.
  8. You are far from the only one my friend. No - one likes it, and nor should we. I've alluded to it in some of my livestreams - quite strongly to be honest - and caused a few disgruntled reactions from our darker friends. I have no problem saying it outright on my own forum however. They shouldn't be here, and it needs to stop. They ruin whatever white country they show up in. Not a topic I want to get heavily into..This isn't a political forum. But you are not alone.
  9. I've been in business for nearly 10 years now and have accrued lots of reviews along the way. Unfortunately, they've become rather scattered all over the place. So, here's a page where they are all consolidated. Trustpilot Reviews : 1 on 1s, Bootcamps, Secret Society And Primal Seduction There's over 30 reviews on the well known Trustpilot review site. Check them out here : Here's a nice video review from one of my first bootcamps. You'll notice at the time this was under my original name of "Authentic PUA". Secret Society Recent Review : This is a recent review that popped up on my forum- unsolicited. Secret Society Product Review And here's another one for a very positive experience with my book, Primal Seduction When You Start Getting Lots Of Women... 1 on 1 training reviews : There are some recent ones on my forum from the year 2021. See them in this subsection of the forum. I also have reviews from 2020 in Warsaw. Here's a notable one, where a 49 year old man of average looks achieved 2 same days lays in 5 days:
  10. I second that. I used to do the same. It curtailed my freedom greatly though, but with remote working it's worth getting back into. I intend to..Er..Beginning of next year. I have "unfinished business" to deal with first..😉
  11. Hello Dustin. Thanks for this man, excellent content. I'm gonna feature it on the channel. More people need to hear good reviews and so on..I should make more of a big deal of it! Incase you guys didn't know, you can get Primal Sedcution right here on the forum. Check it out:
  12. I detect a disturbance in the force..I recognise this guy. 😉 Welcome man. Hope you're doing well...🙂 Try not to drink too many White Russians and take too many proppies!
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