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  1. In this livestream I talk about what I did to lose over 10 kg, get my mojo back...And start approaching again!
  2. Here's my newest video which explains why the Steve Jabba method is the best way to meet women! Get the Secret Society Here: Book A Bootcamp In London Here :
  3. The guy does know what he's talking about and he's getting excellent results. The comments I see on his videos cannot be faked, and I can tell someone with genuine knowledge. I'm all in. Doing well so far - update soon!
  4. I've just written out a summary script of the high level overview video...I'll do it now and get it up there later. You can see for yourself then 🙂
  5. I don't pay much attention to what other people do, so no comment. I'm more than confident that my way is superior, both for me and the guys that I teach (I get very good results for my students). I'd rather keep this thread on topic with what I recommend rather than discussion of my competitors, friends or not. I'm going to do a high level breakdown of my method so you can compare it for yourself, if you wish. 😉
  6. I am strongly considering filming in London again. I need to check my equipment first and a few other things, but thinking over next few days and weeks whilst weather lasts. I need a camera man. Now, this is a pretty thankless task, so be warned : it aint glamourous! I need someone who : Realises it IS a thankless task! I need to get in state, get in the mood and do a good job, so I can't be attending to you and your feelings. You need to be focussed on the job at hand, and not your wishes and desires. Better if you're physically fit to keep up. I can now walk 20 miles a day for days on end without problem. Would be good if you can keep up without needing to sit down and without whining! (We probably won't need to do that much walking but better if the option is there) Would be great if we get on to keep each others state high. I can manage this myself, but it's even better if you're a fun kind of bloke. To summarise my worldview : I am obviously right wing, vehemently anti vax, I think covid is bullshit etc. I would definitely get on with you if you share my views. So what's in it for you? I would like to meet new mates in the UK, always open for it. We might end up winging! I am now a VERY good teacher of pickup. I would help you on the basis of a GENUINE friendship - if we start like that, you'll get more out of it..But don't be asking tons of questions in between sets..That is mercenary and shows me you're short sightedly looking out only for yourself. Better to genuinely be selfless for a few days whilst we film and think of the long term. PM me if you want to be part of this - and do it quick - the good weather won't last long and we cannot film inside a shopping centre with my big camera!
  7. I know, that's why I asked. 😉😀 You have to live these experiences to truly appreciate it. It's a little like pickup : you can read about it all you like..Apply logic and observations to extrapolate what it's like..But to really understand it, you need to live it and experience it for yourself over prolonged periods. You don't know the effect on your emotional health and outlook until you do. 😉 That's why the 1 on 1's and bootcamps are so valuable.
  8. It's magnified as you get older. Your life situation is constantly in flux, your priorities change..And to be frank, you can get bored! What is exciting at 25 or 35 becomes wearisome at 45. I probably didn't mention that it gets very tiring to live in a 2nd world country and have to keep repeating yourself to order in a restaurant. To see falling down buildings and dirt when you dare to venture away from the centre and so on. It is virtually impossible to have proper friendships like you had with your childhood friends. I am lucky enough to have preserved such friendships in my hometown. If you're a decent human being you will also care about your parents, who by age 45 will be drawing closer to death and will need your help and presence at some point. Finally, places change quickly on the totem pole. London is now right at the top of my list - infact, it is probably no 1 overall of best places to meet women - pushing Kiev off the top spot. I've had to ban YT comments because I am tired of seeing whiny faggots complain how bad it is there : it's not, when you know what you are doing and you have some basis to compare to. It's actually really pleasant now. I made the right decision to come back. As I said in the video, I believe my mates will be back before too long too. We will see.
  9. How many foreign countries have you lived in for long periods of time? 😉
  10. No one has anything to chip in about daygame in London? It's pretty great here tbh, I don't know what a lot of moaning minnies are whining about!
  11. Almost forgot! I am in London now and did a report on life there...I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised! Just wrote this on another forum. Here's a video report I did on game in London too : A lot of UK bashing here, clearly from some people who are not from the UK and may not have been there in years.London : I am there right now after about an 8 year gap. It's a gorgeous city and always has been, with a deep history unrivalled virtually anywhere in the world. Right now it's far more pleasant than it used to be simply because the number of people there is down by roughly 60 - 70%. Still busy around Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square etc but waaaaaaay down on what it used to be. Still tons of hot girls walking about.And the Brits are back! I have heard Cockney accents, Liverpudlian, it seems the British are reclaiming their land. Long may it continue! Rest of the UK :I hail from a small village, and aside from increased propaganda on the TV and vaccine hysteria (which is pretty much all over the world), very little has changed. The smaller towns are just as pleasant as they used to be, but we're seeing far less foreigners than we used to. If we kick out the undesirables that streamed over here in the last 20 years or so, England would be as idyllic as ever.On that note, guys from the need to look a little closer to home...Your country has a far worse demographic problem than mine, and much less evidence that it will ever be tackled.
  12. Deep into 32 inch territory now.. Aiming for 10% bf in 3 - 4 months. Whatever weight that is. I will also update on the KOT exercies I am doing..I'm a new man!
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