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Rate My Looks (Come At Me Brah)
I remember I created rate my looks sub forum on my previous forum by popular demand.  So why the hell not create a thread here? 

You know what to do.  Add your pics and get ready to be BRUTALISED / given advice to improve your aesthetic.

NB I personally think it's a bit daft, so if this thread doesn't take off, I'll delete it.
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A Man's Value To Woman (My Thoughts)

Just had some thoughts on a man's value.  This is a very broad topic that has many factors that play in to it.  Let me know your beliefs in the comments.

A man's value depends on how effective they are. Today, most men think that they are effective.  They are, but in the most basic way's. They stay alive. But women don't want basic men who just "stay alive."
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The Aesthetics That Actually Matter - And What You Can Do About Them
Here is my list of most important male aesthetics, both for dating women and life in general. The aim for this post is to be less doomer and more productive and actionable.

If you want to debate, I only have two requests. 1: be respectful. 2: only speak from actual experience, not some sort of theoretical model. For example, if you're not short, you can't argue whether it hinders success or not, because you wouldn't actually know from experience. Only those who actually lack the aesthetics listed and succeed with women anyway may argue that I'm wrong with any credibility. The exception is if you're a highly experienced dating coach and have seen first hand, repeatedly, guys lacking these features crush it anyway.

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Free Online Dating 2021
Dear members

Throughout my journey of consciously spending time learning and applying game in real life, I find myself now in a position to see and lay out the pro's and con's of the online medium to date the opposite sex.

Partial male SMV delivery due to 2D  nature of online dating. When meeting women in real life you can show off more elements of your overall male SMV,  which goes beyond having a pretty face. Again this aspect is not working for you if you are after quality instead of quantity with dating women.

Lack of loyality: girls you get to know from meeting and dating in real life will value you more over time than when you met them online, you're just another guy from Tinder. As in business research we refer to Customer Life Time Value which is sustainability of consumer income and translates itself with this topic as loyality from girls. More bangs for the initial time you spent meeting and dating her.

Narrow Conclusion

Free online dating applications is like eating at MacDonalds, it's tasty, easy, you know what you'll get, but not a healthy or viable option in the long run. From the cost-benefit analysis here above, almost all free online dating applications reinforce the rule of quantity > quality. Sure if you are photogentic guy, do online dating , like I wrote; it's fun, easy but never expect to get the same level of quality for your time using it as you would approaching and meeting women in real life (as with day/night game).

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I find the ULTIMATE Gamma Male. Funny
I find the ULTIMATE Gamma Male. Funny
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The Physics Of Resistance Exercise
I think this book is a big game changer for the world of bodybuilding, it dispels a lot of the perceived wisdom on many weight lifting exercises,  showing you from a bio-mechanical perspective why they're wrong, and demonstrating which exercises are more efficient and less injurious.  This isn't just another fad pseudo-scientific book, it's written by someone that has been weightlifting for 45 years, has won numerous competitions, and is respected by a lot of people in the industry.  There will be a lot of naysayers though, as it goes against conventional wisdom and how some people have been training for years.

I first encountered Doug's ideas whilst watching Ric Drasin's Youtube channel about 5 years ago (unfortunately Ric died a few months ago) Ric trained with Arnold and Franco Columbu at Gold's Gym back in the 70's, if you're interested in what Doug has to say you should check him out on Ric Drasin's channel, he was on there many times and talks about his findings. 

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The New Normal : Life during Covid Regulations
You're not going to like this, I think : 

Disgusting I know, and if you recognise accents, you'll know this happened in my home country of the UK.  

My plan is to wait until mid - late June.  Let's see how far they are prepared to take all of this.  In my view, if they keep pushing, then talking about "new variants", then pushing harder for the vaccine passports...Then continue with inserting chips into your body...Then cyber attacks...and food shortages.

If all of that rolls out, we know it's on.

My view is to escape as long as possible.  I'll continue with this work, and other online options.  Look for remote work.  Try and find somewhere cheap, warm and pleasant to live in a farmhouse or some such arrangement. 

And settle down, of course.

I am beginning to think this will be the defining issue of our times, and possibly the fight and struggle of our times.

Let's hope I'm just paranoid and it won't come to that.

What about you?
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Best Movies 2021
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