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  2. In this livestream I talk about what I did to lose over 10 kg, get my mojo back...And start approaching again!
  3. Finally got some time for an updated, had wanted to post it a few weeks back but was busy traveling etc. Not seeing huge difference between when I started and now. I need to eat more, but have been traveling loads these last few months (pretty fun so not complaining, big road trip around Spain and Portugal) but there we go. Like I said, not seeing huge difference in my physique, but I have put on some weight, having moved from around 70kg to around 74kg so that's something 💪 and I've noticed big improvements in actual strength compared to when I started. I'm able to do way more push-ups and pull-ups than I used to, and my shoulders and elbows give me much less jip, they used to cause discomfort but have improved a lot. I guess I'm late posting for the competition deadline. Eitherway, I'm gunna keep posting updates here when I find the time, as it's quite useful for keeping motivation high and tracking progress. Once I have a more settled life (probably not for a few months yet), gunna start getting those calories in and eating more.
  4. Having worked slowly through Primal Seduction, I must say this approach is fundamentally different; unlike other systems, Steve’s method amounts to a different topic altogether: interestingly, the word “topic” comes from the Greek word topos, which means “a place.” This method, rather than your typical PUA fare, takes you to a different place entirely. Whilst most PUA systems are about learning skills, Steve’s approach is more akin to an awakening. You will literally wake up to a new way of seeing women; you will literally wake up to a new way of seeing yourself. And once you do, you will have arrived in a new place altogether. This is about fundamental change. Socrates said good philosophy is like midwifery; it induces the birth of a new person…this approach also performs a similar charitable service. Hopefully my characterization isn’t out of line.
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  6. Here's my newest video which explains why the Steve Jabba method is the best way to meet women! Get the Secret Society Here: Book A Bootcamp In London Here :
  7. The first month is almost in the books and unfortunately I am not going to get my first high ticket close and client this month. But that is okay, I knew it was going to be a long shot since I am new to all of this. I will look forward to my 3 month goal 4 consulting clients by the end of December. In the mean time, I will reflect on what I have learned this month. Lesson #1: Quality Leads Over Quantity In the past two weeks, 11 people signed up for their "free call." The nationalities include: The United States (2) Eastern Europe (1) Brazil (1) Asia (1) West Africa (6) It is encouraging that the funnel is working. However, only 3 out of the 11 people who booked a call could afford my program. I learned this the hard way when my first call was with a very eager Brazilian who wanted to join the program but simply could not afford it. The other call I had was with a young man from the USA which was very promising. Unfortunately, he was only 16. All other countries can not handle the phone call connection with audio and video and certainly can not afford the program I provide. Moving forward, I will make sure to ask where the person is from before sending them the link to the landing page. Lesson #2: Build Better Rapport My DM's to the top 100 of my followers was quick and straight to the point. I would send them a video message saying "hey (name) I hope all is well, I just opened a consulting program for producers who are looking to make industry quality beats. Please let me know if you are interested." Although it was short and sweet. It didn't really acknowledge their needs at any point. Instead of doing this form of spamming, I will build a better rapport with each lead to ensure I can help them prior to telling them to book a call. Kinda like pre-heating the oven. Lesson #3: Traffic Volume Is Key To Success In the past three weeks, I have personally contacted around 160 people. That is no where near enough people to be able to convert sales. I should be contacting 100 people a day. That is also very difficult to do so I have created a plan to scale to that number. The plan basically consists of contacting a low amount of people (5) then gradually scale the number to 100. I am borrowing this idea from, I believe, the "flow state" concept. Instead of explaining this concept with my personal business terms I will switch it to a workout program Let's say the maximum amount of pull ups I can do is 10. Will I do 10 pull ups everyday? No. I will do 5 pull ups everyday until 5 feels laughably easy. Then I will replace 5 pull ups with 6 for a few days. Then scale to 7 - 8 - 9 and repeat until I can do 100. The same applies to my business. The maximum people I can contact in one sitting is 20. Instead of trying to even do half, I will focus on minimum acquisition and maximum rapport seeking. Contacting 5 people today felt laughably easy but that's the point. In a few days i'll scale up to 8 - 10 - 13 and repeat until I reach 100. The only way this works is if it is done LITERALLY EVERYDAY. Why? Less is more in the long run. A person can build more skill with waaaay less stress doing 5 pull ups a day everyday and scale rather then 10 pulls ups 3 times a week. Why? You won't get sore nor mentally fatigued. The same thing applies to my business. I won't get overly stressed to hit my max 20 target and will focus on consistency rather than volume or intensity. Let you know how it goes next month and I hope you all are doing well!
  8. Yea for sure, i'd be up for that - would be awesome to have a local show me around. It won't be anytime soon but definitely at some point.
  9. I´m living in São Paulo currently. Let me know if you come, man. It´d be cool to meet a forum member and I´d be glad to show you around.
  10. In São Paulo, I´d recommend you stay anywhere close to Avenida Paulista, which is kind of like the main street and close to everything. On top of that, it´s essential that your place be close to a subway station, as traffic is hectic and you should avoid getting a cab during the day. These are the neighbourhoods you should pick from: Higienopolis, Jardins, Vila Mariana, Aclimação, Moema. In Rio, it´s best to stay in Zona Sul (south region), and there are a number of neigbourhoods there (Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, etc). In Florianopolis you should stay anywhere close to the Lagoa, as that´s where the nightspots are. Bear in mind that places are very spread out in Florianopolis, so you´ll find yourself either needing a car most of the time or using uber a lot.
  11. Where do you recommend staying in Florianopolis, Sao Paulo and Rio ?
  12. The guy does know what he's talking about and he's getting excellent results. The comments I see on his videos cannot be faked, and I can tell someone with genuine knowledge. I'm all in. Doing well so far - update soon!
  13. I had knees pain but after walking 6 months last year regular its goes away. Walking excellent way of helping with knee pain. Their are same other work out you can do to help but you got be careful with knees.
  14. I've just written out a summary script of the high level overview video...I'll do it now and get it up there later. You can see for yourself then 🙂
  15. I retract what I said in my previous post. My life spiraled out of control within weeks of not moderating my drinking and it certainly didn't help my daygame. So now with the exception of allowing myself to drink on dates, I'm focused on totally sober daygame with no drinks afterwards either. It's going to be very difficult because I become extremely introverted when I stop drinking, but there's no other way. I've already started the process this week with at least getting out there and doing some warmups.
  16. Heyyyy!!!! Sorry for the long time away! I took a month off and am catching up with the forum. Well, everyone seems to enjoy Colombia. I´ve been there myself and it´s great. Medellin is very well known but perhaps a bit overcrowded by foreigners (at least it used to be before the plandemic). Brazil is a great choice for banging chicks at the moment, and I can give you some advice. You can live reasonably well on a 1k USD/month budget, and have a great lifestyle on 2k USD. Here´s the monthly cost breakdown: A 2 to 3 bedroom airbnb pad, fully paid for, in a good part of town: 400-500 Groceries/food/supermarket expenses: 100-150 A good gym: 50 Transportation (uber/subway): 100-200 Leisure (going out to cool spots 4 to 5x a week for a month, including food and drink): 300-500 In Brazil, the top spots for spending a few months would be Florianopolis (for blondes with big butts), Rio and São Paulo. Those cities have a good level of development, good amenities, restaurants, clubs, pubs, local attractions and nature and are very open to foreigners. It´ll be easy to bang chicks and people will be open and even very receptive to meeting foreigners. You will have increased status, unless you´re a hippie or a bum. Honestly, it´s best to keep away from 2nd and 3rd tier cities if you want to spend a few months in Brazil. They´re good for visiting for a few days, but for staying for extended periods of time it´s just not worth it. If you´re a more of an adventurer and don´t mind staying in less developed capitals, I´d throw in Salvador (for black chicks with big asses), Natal and Joao Pessoa. They´re all state capitals in the northeastern region of Brazil, known for their beaches and natural attractions.
  17. Intermittent fasting (sometimes including 48/72 hour electrolyte fasts) and walking is my go-to! Stick a podcast/audiobook on and you're all set, or of course some really good music to keep the pace high.
  18. I don't pay much attention to what other people do, so no comment. I'm more than confident that my way is superior, both for me and the guys that I teach (I get very good results for my students). I'd rather keep this thread on topic with what I recommend rather than discussion of my competitors, friends or not. I'm going to do a high level breakdown of my method so you can compare it for yourself, if you wish. 😉
  19. I know you have some reservations about the London daygame model, but you're also good friends with Nick K. Just curious what your points of contention are (I don't mean 5ft 2 Indian guys trying to pull 6ft blondes haha), and if you've had some big debates with him? Also, is Jimmy also a LDM guy?
  20. Google search?? Google is good but it won't much help with that matter. There would be too much crap search results that might pop up first. Ask a good gym rat (avoid a bad rat as he would give you a rotten advice) If you're looking for "supplement" I'm so outdated because I'm no longer in the circle. I just train lightly like a grandma and go home. (Beware that grandma can still kick your young and beautiful ass very superbly in terms of strength and stamina despite her bad recent shape). The most potent weight loss stuff in the universe are: 1- Physics!! Yes. The laws of Thermodynamics. In short: precisely made caloric deficits. Eat good food, smaller portions gradually, and do little more walking. (***Heavy lifting is great to burn calorie BUT..I said BUT..be careful because, it is so easy to go and Over-Eat after a heavy lift session) "To control your mouth you have to first control how much you lift" A lesson that cost me nearly 12 years to figure out, although my coach was screaming it to my ears all the time, I was young and decided to ignore him. But I finally ignored my ego and adhered to his advice in the year 2009. It worked. 2- Eat plenty of low G.I carbs and more fiber. It helps. Also, have a shot of espresso once a day at least (three times max max!!), too much coffee can increase your bad cholesterol. Add more Green Tea. Green Tea is good. Japanese Macha Tea is far more concentrated but you may not fancy the taste or won't be able to properly prepare it. Just drink high quality loose leaves Green Tea like Twinings or whatever brand you like. 3- Speaking of supplements, perhaps I'm not so updated but whatever worked on humans 15 or so years a go should still work on humans today. I can't see we humans had so much of an evolution in the last 15 years 😛 The best supplement which is used by competitive bodybuilders during competition preparation is ANIMAL CUTS by Universal Nutrition. It's a very classic supplement brand, well respected and loved by athletes. We Bodybuilders swear by their products.
  21. With so much advice and trash over the internet you would need an expert just to tell whom to listen too and who to ignore. Elliot is as fit and as strong as F#K and I assure you that he is an authority to refer to when it comes to diet and training. Now that doesn't mean that we throw the iron in the trash, it simply means that it should be included in training specially for athletes who require functional strength. Elliot trains with weights himself otherwise he wouldn't have been that and big. I've included two videos of his channel. Check his channel for other videos on training and other stuff
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